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By | February 22, 2021

You must have seen your friends your relatives use mobile phones when you see them in their mobile phones  you will see their name only on top of their mobile phone  like for example Shahzad’s mobile  then you see After the screen of his mobile phone his name comes in the name of Shahzad if you also want to know how you can write the name above the screen of the mobile phone then you have to do whatever the car will tell you.

If you want to install one in your mobile phone, then it is very amazing in the same way  so many future functions in the pass are very amazing  how to install it  we will also tell you completely if you also want to make your name beautiful  then i am going to tell you a very amazing way, then the first thing I tell you my people my friends  you have to do the same method in your mobile phone it will be that in the mobile phone I make your.

How To install?

Nam beautiful and make your background very beautiful you can also make your mobile phone so beautiful and the biggest thing is that by typing your own name in your mobile phone, you can make your name beautiful. Your relatives will be friends with you all your friends will come and ask you  brother how you have typed your own name on top of your mobile phone’s   if it does not start crying, then it is something else if you also do not.

Do not tell your friend about this app until your friend weeps then my dear friends today i have brought you a wonderful one for you  what is the benefit of this app i tell you If I am going to tell you the car in full  then in today’s application it will be from you that you can write your name or the name of your friend above the home screen of your mobile phone then first of all you need to download the app whatever car we tell you to do the.


Same in your mobile phone if you also want to type your friend’s name adopted on the screen of your mobile phone then first of all we give you a link you and the link Have to be installed in your mobile phone my dear brothers you must have seen your friends or any of your relatives will be using mobile phones  they will be using their mobiles. When you take a mobile phone from them or ask for it or see their mobile phone then their.

It is seen how they happen let me explain to you in complete detail first of all you have to install it in your mobile phone if you also want your name or your friend’s name on top of your mobile phone. You can write i warn you guys with complete success you have to do one thing first  now i am telling you that you have to install it in your mobile phone  then see the amazing of your mobile phone too can see you install the app on your mobile phone.



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